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Clan Of Celts: "Beggars, Celts & Madmen"

Perhaps my eclectic taste in music was influenced by me practically growing up in and around radio stations from the 60's to the 80's. (My Dad and oldest brother were DJ's.) I enjoy so many different genres, the little "suggested side-bar" when I visit YouTube looks very confused!

I first heard Clan of Celts on MacSlon's Irish Pub Radio several months ago, the song was "Dream Catcher" from their recently released CD "Beggars, Celts & Madmen". It immediately struck something deep down inside of me. While that don't often happen I knew I had to find out more about this group. More recently I read a review of this album on London Celtic Punks and learned about the background and meaning of this particular melodic song. You can read this review at ALBUM REVIEW: CLAN OF CELTS. The last time a certain song struck me deep down inside was one titled "Wonderful Life" by Alter Bridge. It was said to have been inspired by the idea that there will come a day when we all must say goodbye to the ones we love and hold dear in our hearts. There was a friend of mine from work that made me a copy of Alter Bridge's "AB III" album and I enjoyed all of the music on it.

Thinking back to my eclectic taste in music I would once think that "Punk" wouldn't be one of my choices. But the mixture on "Beggars, Celts & Madmen" is a good enough blend and I really can't help my toes from tapping when listening. Another genre that I may not of originally appreciated would be "Metal", more importantly "Celtic Metal". But several years ago, while on one of my trips through YouTube, I discovered a group called Celtic Legacy, the song was "Resurrection". And no, it is not a religious song.

One of the cool things about Facebook is that a few years ago I actually had a nice chat with one of the members from Celtic Legacy. We were discussing the similarities in some of the over-stepping of the governments in Ireland and America. At the time there was a "water issue" happening in Ireland. Never did I think that as I was sitting in a small town in East-Central Alabama that I would be having a political discussion with someone from a Celtic Metal Band in Ireland. Since becoming a fan of Clan of Celts, I have also become friends with several of the band members. Reading some of the post on their personal pages I see some similarities in our thought process. Interesting that some people are a world apart but see or feel about things in a close way.

I had previously heard some of their songs "Dream Catcher", "Please Don’t Send Me Home", "Beggars, Celts & Madmen" and "Lost in Love" either on their YouTube channel and/or on MacSlon`s Irish Pub Radio. Other tracks include "Clan of Celts", "The Boots Are On", "My Land", "Stacey Lawlor", "I’m Done", "Hanging in the West", and an untitled bonus song.

Now that I have listened to the entire Clan of Celts CD, many times over now since getting it for my birthday back in August, I can say that it is truly an excellent piece of work. By the way the song here titled "Lost In Love", is not the same song by the same title released by Air Supply way back in 1979. Every song here has a great tune and the words have meanings. Although it is an extremely catchy tune, I was advised to "Stay clear of that Stacey Lawlor, she's a bit of a sort" by one of the band members in a recent chat!

Denis, Jim, Alistair and the rest at Clan of Celts, thanks for some really great Celtic-Rock tunes. Looking forward to hearing more from you guys!

"Blood inside or veins

Entwines our people

Our pumping hearts

Unite both me and you

So raise your hands and clench your fist

And join the Celtic tribal bliss

The Clan of Celts

Is made from our folklore" - "Clan of Celts" (Clan of Celts CD "Beggars, Celts & Madmen") Traditional Irish mixed with some Rock, Metal, Punk and Country, I think describes the music of Clan of Celts very well... "There has always been a strong argument that folk music is the original rebel music. The music of the people and historically through that music the people challenged the land owners, challenged the state and wrote stories that recounted these acts; Therefore it could be argued that folk was in fact the first real punk rock" - London Celtic Punks​ "To the men that looked down on us

I urge ye to look again

You think you see forbeaten souls

But we are proud men

Beggars, Celts and Madmen

You may see that there is more

By heritage, tradition is within us by the score" - "Beggars, Celts & Madmen" (Clan of Celts CD "Beggars, Celts & Madmen")

According to some information on my family history it is said that my ancestors are from Cork County Ireland. They arrived in what one day would be known as America way back in the 1630's. Cork County has also sometimes been referred to as "The Rebel County" due to the prominent role it played in the Irish War of Independence. In that information on my family history it also shows me to be descendant of a Soldier of the Confederate States of America.

My Great Great Grandfather, Joseph, and some of his companions, while near Vicksburg resting up for battle, were sent on a mission. They were captured and the Yankees took their swords and requested their Confederate Caps. Joseph being young and daring replied, "You damn Yankee, if you think you can take my cap, try it, and someone will get his butt whipped". They laughed hearing the young "up-start" speaking like this and replied "I like your spunk, you may keep your cap". He kept his cap and wore it home after the war.

So I guess by heritage and tradition it may only be natural for me to be a "rebel at heart". I am a person who stands up for my own personal beliefs and opinions despite what anyone else may say or think. I will refuse to follow anyone that attempts to force me to think the same way they do even at the cost of being labeled as an outcast to society. I will not compromise my individuality or personal beliefs and opinions for anyone. I'm pretty straightforward and honest and I'll be sure to tell you like it is. I am proud to have some of that "Beggars, Celts & Madmen" spunk that my Great Great Grandfather had so many years ago! There are often times when I so enjoy getting lost in the sounds of the rhythms when darkness falls upon my mind from time to time. This is one of the ways I deal with these type things in life and I have found solace and sometimes even answers by listening to the many different styles of music that I do.

"Who first said that music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, I know not; but that it is true, I am sure. Who has not felt the melting power of music, and stopped to listen to the sweet strains of some simple melody which has brought, or nearly brought, tears to his eyes? Where is the breat that has not been stirred by the cathedral organ, and choristers echoing their sacred strains through the aisles and corridors, and dying away, as it were, in heaven above? Will not the sweet but simple ballad of "Home, Sweet Home," when sung in a foreign land, wake memories from the dead, and melt the hardest heart; rouse every grand, noble, unselfish, and patriotic feeling in the breast, and carry the hearer thousands of miles across the storm-tossed oceans and seas that separate him from his own beloved country, the dwelling place of those near and dear to him, the model land of his heart, the resting place of his sires, his adored and honored fatherland." - T. Augustus Forbes Leith, "On Music", Short Essays

"So lift your head and hold it high

Be proud and do your best in life

Help your brother when he's in need

For the past is always near." - "My Land" (Clan of Celts CD "Beggars, Celts & Madmen")

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